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Last Updated: 01/12/2017

M.D. AndersonWelcome!  America is the greatest nation on earth, but at a turning point. Many US citizens don't understand how high their future income tax bills will now rise. Without a sound strategy to lower taxes, many higher income taxpayers will get trampled! 

Hello, I am M.D. Anderson of Chandler, Arizona. This information site is about you, not me. And how you can profit from what I know and am willing to share with you. It tells you how a tax smart real estate agent can help you learn how to profit from the real estate you own and live in, real estate you buy for investment purposes, and real estate you buy with your own retirement accounts.

As your professional agent with an extensive background in taxation and estate planning, let me be the one that educates you on some of hottest real estate concepts others are profiting from.

Don't worry if you live outside the state of Arizona or out of the country. Let my 40+ years as a nationally known financial adviser assist you with expertise you just won't find elsewhere and then helping you find a professional Realtor in your state to execute any of the actions you decide to take. 

Arizona LandLet me perfectly clear at the onset -- You must steer clear of common mistakes most consumers make when trying to buy and sell real estate for tax benefits and for building their net worth.

Yes, we do have some fine properties to check out here in Arizona when you are ready to invest. The sooner you discover that good old fashioned owned real estate is the missing link in your investment portfolio-- the sooner you will be enjoying the benefits. 

The purpose of this website, unlike most real estate sites, is to NOT brag about my achievements, awards or credentials.  (I have my share)  But to provide important information to you fast that is simplified and easy to understand. And equally, easy to implement with just a few steps.

Since I don't charge any type of fee on any new property you buy through me, (the seller covers my fees), I will essentially be working for free for you as a new real estate buyer client. Is that fair enough?

MD Anderson

There is Nothing Hard About Buying Hard Assets

Iowa FarmlandI won't waste your time trying to convince you to buy investment real estate to lower your income tax bills. That is the job of your current CPA or tax attorney.

But, I will tell you about self directed real estate programs using your retirement plans (Qualified plan money from your rollover 401-k, IRA's, etc.)because for the most part -- no one else will!

There is nothing hard to understand about buying hard assets in this climate of questionable politics and risky world environments that could suddenly plunge the value of your paper assets down to "crying level" at the drop of a hat.

By using the same 1974 retirement plan IRS tax code all those other retirement plan pushers used to sell you retirement plans assets over the years, it's time you fully understand the alternative so many have tried to hide from you all of these years.

Is it any surprise to you that the richest man in America, Bill Gates, is buying Iowa farmland? Or that super successful and rich Warren Buffett recently bought a train company? Or that major banks are loading up on silver and gold bullion and coins? Don't ignore what the "big guys" are doing out there folks. Perhaps they know something you don't know...

Storm Clouds LoomingWith financial storm clouds looming according to many experts, converting some of those stock market gains in your IRA accounts or other retirement accounts into hard assets makes a lot of sense now.

Adding more real estate increases diversification and safety by spreading your investment risk beyond limited categories or even geographical areas. But most importantly, you diversify into something other than another "paper" assets. 

The reason the richest men and women in America are making moves to hard assets is that they know they will stick around when the financial storms come. I can't predict when those financial storms will come. I don't have a crystal ball and can not predict the future. But, we all can review the past and all equity assets go up and they all will adjust down at times.

Saving CoinsExperts say that for many, it is harder to hang on to your wealth than it is to create it. Having a tax smart real estate agent's help to help find investment grade real estate for your IRA may be what you are looking for.

Why not find out all the details so you can fairly decide what the best path is for you and your family in the days ahead?

Please forget about all the "talking heads" saying the real estate bubble is going to burst again or sales are down. Actually, sales in Arizona always do well because of the huge influx of new residents we experience here.

 Opportunity in buying the "right" real estate always exists. You just need a "Smart" agent to help you find the right property/ies that fit your dreams, your tax bracket, and your investment criteria. And, being a practicing professional accountant and nationally known and published IRA tax consultant -- your current tax professional or lawyer can work together with me to implement EXACTLY what works best for you.

Iowa Farm Land GrowthFor it is the "dips" that allow you to buy MORE property at a discount, just like dollar cost averaging works well in buying stocks or mutual funds over a long period of time. (long term investment cycle) Dips are opportunity folks!

You do want to hang on to some capital if you buy now and see a further slide in pricing down the road. But start to buy now, don't procrastinate and wait for tomorrow. Waiting days, weeks, months and years to jump in never made anybody rich when it comes to waiting to buy real esate.

I understand that making changes should be gauged with YOUR financial safety profile, your timing, and most importantly -- YOUR needs. Running any of these concepts by your current financial advisors is recommended as well. Why not do a free conference call with me and your current tax or legal guru to explore the possibilities?


No doubt, you fight for your client every step of the way in your client relationship. Perhaps, your client may have asked you to review this site, and advise them on the value of these real estate concepts.

Your visit is appreciated and welcomed.

Thanks for your website visit!

Up To 100 Years of Tax Deferred Earnings

IRA SecretsWhat secret has your banker, insurance agent or stockbroker been keeping from you for the last 43 years? Our Century IRA program rescues your IRA and other retirement money from low interest bank CD's, high commission annuities, gold you can't see and touch, and stock brokers who may be just losing money for you.

All by making YOU the one in charge of your own self directed IRA invested in "investment grade" Real Estate products. It may be time you fire the advisors who are just "hanging" on you and sticking you in an endless loop of the same old products that frankly, may be just a little boring and tiresome after all these years.

Empty PocketsPerhaps, you are also tired of generating fees and commissions for them that further erodes your investment performance. A hole in your pocket could drain all your money.

Do you have a "hole" in your current IRA plan being "fee'd" to death? Are they robbing you to help them pay their bills instead of yours?

Or conversely, you once tried the "do it yourself" get rich program for day trading and found out that it was best you don't quit your day job.  Don't give up on yourself like that. Jump back in the game and take control of your IRA accounts.  After all, it is YOUR money and no one will manage it better than you.

Still need some convincing you should be running your own IRA accounts?

Investigate Your PortfolioPerhaps you are also not aware of the government scrutiny and talk to steal your retirement money and issue you a low guaranteed rate of return government annuity backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. (This plan would remove your chance to ever withdraw your principal invested in your IRA.  There goes that cottage you wanted to buy on Lake Okoboji!

Learn about the specific rules and rewards for those that dare to venture out of the static "norm" with their retirement money. And of course, learn the pitfalls to avoid as well. No, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to set these up, just a Tax Smart Realtor guiding you to the right people who will set them up.

 Get a free "in service" 401-k review, or an IRA analysis that will help determine if you are a qualified prospect to transfer current IRA assets into a new self directed IRA plan.  And, get my list of 3 independent qualified self directed custodians so you can compare plans, rates, and benefits for a new self directed IRA account, so you too can begin purchasing real estate with your IRA's. And then fire your broker, banker or insurance agent!

A "Worst Case" Scenario Explored

Tornado ComingIf a tornado was seen coming right at you, would you turn your back and wait for it to hit?  Of course not. Well, I don't know what is coming to America.

But some financial experts predict trouble is on it's way due to poor decisions that were made on how to stimulate the economy or hold down the national debt.

For God's sake people, don't ignore the warning signs! The last thing you want to do is to blindfold yourself or turn your back on the indicators. Ignoring trouble doesn't make it go away. 

Discover for yourself if a revised investment portfolio for your IRA by further diversifying with new real estate holdings is the BEST home for paper dollar investment money you now have. S&S is the key.  It stands for Safety and Survival. No one can steal your land lot. Or your rental home. (Well in Iowa where I grew up, they did regularly jack up older homes and move them down the road to another location, but not with everyone in the county knowing it! But, the land always remains doesn't it?)

Government GrabIf the government does take over 401(k) plans by mandate (you will wake up and it has taken place), getting frozen 401(k) deposits away from former employers is a smart move for 2017 and beyond.

 You can direct transfer those funds into your own self directed IRA account as tax deferred "cash" ready to buy real estate.


 Read more at:

Will The Government Soon Own Your Retirement Plan?

If you are not wealthy, but able to diversify your hard earned investment portfolio to break loose around $180,000 right now, an Arizona rental home is waiting for you.  In fact, I have the key to show it to you as soon as you get here!  Or, if you are here in Arizona, let's go look at some potential rental homes!   (Us Arizona Realtors and real estate agents have key access to almost every home for sale on the MLS sales system)

Don't ignore what the Canadians, Chinese and other foreign real estate buyers already know and are doing. And the richest families in America. They are buying up a lot of our properties every year. Do they know something we don't? Are they smarter than the typical American who is still asleep and ignoring the financial storm coming? 

And since they have been buying up multi-million dollar business buildings and farms, rental homes and bare lots for quite a few years -- should you and I copy them while we still can? 

Those are questions you can get answers for inside, once you REGISTER. Seriously, this may be your last wake up call to cast your line in a new direction. It will be up to you to put together the percentage of your total investment portfolio you want to divest and place into new real estate purchases.

Remember, I can't give investment advice telling you what securities you should sell or liquidate.  But I can help you buy alternative real estate* with your proceeds.  I kindly suggest we start building your new real estate portfolios right here in Arizona for starters.

Endless renters exist in Arizona. We have no tornadoes or hurricanes and everybody gets used to the heat eventually. (As long as their A.C. Unit works properly) And, prices are modest compared to the coast cities. It's almost a landlord's paradise for stable rental payments from endless renters moving to Arizona each year and looking to rent before they buy a home.  Many just prefer renting over owning their own homes on a long term basis and are stable residents for your rental properties here.

*I co-ordinate referrals to properly licensed and qualified Tax Smart Real Estate Agents outside of Arizona, ready to go to work to find what you want no matter where that may be in America or in the world!  (I recently made a real estate referral in South Africa)

Why Use M.D. Anderson?

M.D. AndersonAs a professional Arizona Realtor who understands investor mentality more than most others in my state, I will first ask you suitability questions. If you don't answer them correctly, you will be dismissed for my assistance on any of these concepts profiled on this information website.

For those who "pass" suitability, just know that I can take your instructions and understand them without you having to repeat anything. A potential real estate "portfolio", or an individual purchase of real estate will be prepared and presented to you at absolutely no cost or obligation on your part.

But to proceed, you will need to hire me exclusively as your Realtor. After engaging my investor services, I will directly and personally assist you in finding and preparing offers for you on the real estate properties that best meet your specifications given me, if we are searching here in Arizona for you. 

If you are seeking professional real estate advisory outside of Arizona, I can also help co-ordinate referrals in non--Arizona properties you may want to buy, (like a million dollar farm in Iowa where I come from). Don't be shy to tell me what you want and where it is located and how much you want to spend.

If I have your investor interest, please give me the professional courtesy to read some of my own "general" testimonials from my financial planning clients.  It will give you incite on what other clients think of my services.  (Note that some of my largest client advisory cases are with clients that hire me over the internet and I have never met them personally!) 

M.D.'s Financial Planning Client Testimonials

A Nice Client Note

Relocation needs?  I'm the one to call FIRST to make sure you have a new home ready to move into while making sure your old home is listed and sold properly, especially since you will be somewhere else.

No matter what your real estate needs, desires, or dreams are, why not share them with me?  And if you like my concepts and want to execute one or more of the concepts you just read about, I'm ready to go to work for you.

The value of just having access to me in the future can be a valuable asset and could save you a fortune if for no other reason - educating you so you don't make any more financial mistakes. 

Too busy to fly in to meet and talkThe guidelines on escrow accounts provide FDIC insurance on funds in escrow accounts and title companies here in Arizona have many systems to protect your funds from fraud and other loss, while waiting for your purchased property closing date/s.

Once property is found and earnest money is delivered to title, Arizona closings can be done quickly, especially if no financing is involved. I have title companies that can streamline the process and close in as little as 10 days or less in some cases!

If you have any questions, please call me direct at:


so I can explain in greater detail how the concepts work that you may have interest in. I will then send you required disclosures and other real estate brokerage firm information immediately by mail or email as you specify to me.

Since I get hired all around the U.S. for financial consulting cases and in some foreign countries, I ask for you to try my services and become my next new client. I am ready to assist you as your trusted advisor to sell your main home, roll over your IRA into a self directed account, begin to find properties for you to purchase rental properties, harvest tax loss's sitting around doing nothing, or assist in helping you buy real estate with investment portfolio money you have decided to "Re-Cast" for the coming storm. 

In an unknown future, just know you can trust in my personal promise as your professional Realtor to guide and assist you with "Tax Smart" real estate consulting and sales.  And finally, know that I will not just meet but I will exceed your expectations in any task you give me.  It's the only way I roll for the past 40+ years! 


MD Anderson


PS: Register on my real estate site and search Arizona property immediately. 

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The Legal Stuff

Disclaimer: First, real estate brokerage firm, Realty One Group, (hereafter known as "ROG"), makes no representations whatsoever to claim any of these concepts will work as outlined. They are not the sponsor of this or other linked websites of Financial Strategies, Inc.  And, they do not provide tax or legal advice in any capacity to anybody. 

Additional Disclosure: This site is solely the works, creations, promotions and intellectual property of Michael D. Anderson, President and CEO of Financial Strategies, Inc. (hereafter stated as "FSI"), a long term Arizona corporation.  Any client of FSI resulting from registration and forward work thereafter is between the client newly established and FSI for resulting advisory or consulting work. Additional real estate services may be provided by Michael D. Anderson or his associates serving as your Realtor, but only upon receipt of a signed written disclosure given to you that acknowledges you understand the separation of services between these two firms. (ROG and FSI provide distinct separate services -Michael D. Anderson sells real estate for ROG and every thing else is a service provided by his own firm, FSI.

FSI further discloses that it obtains retainer payments for consulting work and for certain retained clients, and may also give specific tax advice upon employment. However, nothing on this site or any of it's sub pages is meant or should be construed as tax advice as all the concepts and commentary is meant to be general information for "advertising" purposes only.  Nothing stated herein should be relied upon without specific follow-up consulting with qualified tax or legal advisors. Sharing the information with your advisors is encouraged if you desire to "cash in" the tax free gain amount on your personal residence/s.

For the most part, site information and content pertains mainly to Arizona residents, or for those planning on moving "to" or "from" Arizona. Or buying Arizona property as a non-resident. For everyone else, the concepts and content should only be viewed as general information that may or may not apply to you until reviewing the applicable law in the state you reside in. All visitors are encouraged to register for additional general content that is made available. FSI is building a national real estate "referral" service to assist Realtors in your own home decisions no matter where you live. Therefore, FSI encourages letting owner and CEO Michael D. Anderson make your referral to a Realtor in your area that can also assist you with "tax smart" real estate decisions.

For legal reasons, the information contained on this site though deemed reliable and accurate, is solely the opinion and statements of Michael D. Anderson, AZCLDP and Realtor® who is profiled on this site. Action should not be taken based on this information until such time your specific situation and circumstances can be reviewed and analyzed by competent and qualified real estate professionals or other professional financial advisors.  If you need tax or legal advice, you should seek competent tax or legal advisors and not rely on any site content for that purpose.   


M.D. Anderson is President of Financial Strategies, Inc., An Arizona Financial Based Corporation for over 26 years. 

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