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Last Updated: 07/20/2016

M.D. AndersonWelcome!  America is the greatest nation on earth, but at a turning point. Most consumers are clueless on what is happening and what is about to happen next regarding their finances.

Many don't understand how high their future income tax bills will now rise. Without a sound strategy to lower taxes, many higher income taxpayers will get trampled! 

Hello, I am M.D. Anderson of Chandler, Arizona. This information site is about you, not me. And how you can profit from what I know and am willing to share with you. It tells you how a tax smart real estate agent can help you learn how to profit from the real estate you already own.

And if I do my job well, you will also learn how to profit from property you buy or sell in the future - hopefully bought with me guiding you as your professional agent. Or as your referring agent if you live outside the state of Arizona or out of the country. Let my 40+ years as a nationally known financial adviser assist you with expertise you just won't find elsewhere. 

Arizona LandYou must steer clear of common mistakes most consumers make when trying to buy and sell real estate for tax benefits and building their net worth. And we have some fine property to check out here in Arizona when you are ready to invest. The sooner you discover that old fashioned owned real estate is the missing link in your income tax reduction plan -- the sooner you will be gaining benefits instead of missing them and remaining outside looking in.

The purpose of this website, unlike most real estate sites, is to NOT brag about my achievements, awards or credentials.  (I have my share)  But to get important information to you fast that is simple and easy to understand and easy to implement. In fact, I have condensed it down to just 5 important concepts you need to be informed of while you still have time, and teach you how to use them.

Each concept I share can put money in your pocket, so pay close attention and don't be afraid to contact me if you have questions. Everything will be timely, useful, and important.

Some concepts are unique and most likely -- have never been mentioned before by your current bank advisor, insurance agent, or investment broker. Or any other  financial advisor you may be using currently.

Since I don't charge any type of fee on any new property you buy through me, (the seller covers my fees), I will essentially be working for free for you as a new real estate buyer client. Is that fair enough?

MD Anderson

There is Nothing Hard About Buying Hard Assets

Iowa FarmlandNOW is a great time to learn why self directed real estate IRA's may be something you missed up to this point - and why they may actually be the perfect vehicle for you to use to make up for lost time.

Using the tax code to build retirement assets without any current taxation on the money for decades allows the money to grow fast and is a very smart move. Deducting every penny off your tax return you put into such a plan is nothing less than brilliant!

Perhaps you are already retired and have wealth, maybe even great wealth. Is it any surprise to you that the richest man in America, Bill Gates, is buying Iowa farmland? Or that super successful and rich Warren Buffett recently bought a train company? Or that major banks are loading up on silver and gold bullion and coins? Don't ignore what the "big guys" are doing out there. Perhaps they know something you don't know...

Storm Clouds LoomingWith storm clouds looming, turning "hard" in your asset acquisitions may be a direction you should be turning if you are looking for diversification and safety by spreading your investment risk beyond limited categories or even geographical areas. 

The reason the richest men in America are making moves to hard assets is that they know "HARD" assets will stick around when the financial storms come. And, my read is that those financial storms may be coming very soon, perhaps showing up on financial radar screens before the year ends.

Saving CoinsExperts say that for many, it is harder to hang on to your wealth than it is to create it. Having a tax smart real estate agent's helping you may be what you are looking for, you just didn't know it.

Since most purchase arrangements as a Realtor are "fee free" with my system, (buyer agent's get paid by the seller of property) you can put me to work for you at no out of pocket cost in most cases. Occasionally, an up front fee arrangement may be required but I always will credit any up front fees paid through my broker for services upon a successful closing.

Please forget about all the "talking heads" saying the real estate bubble is going to burst again or sales are down. Actually, sales in Arizona are doing quite well and market prices keep going up!  Slowly, the way we like it to move. Opportunity in buying the "right" real estate always exists. You just need a "Smart" agent to help you find the right property/ies that fit your dreams, tax bracket, or investment criteria.

One consulting client of mine is now looking to buy and sell "vacation" properties within his families inherited IRA account. (self directed IRA) He arrived at that conclusion using my consulting services. Without my help, he would have never had a clue you could buy a self-directed IRA account with real estate.

When you invest a high percentage of your money in "income producing" properties, your income will continue during those times when a market price adjustment or dip takes place. There always will be market dips and market run ups in all equity type investments. Embrace that reality and invest for "income" purposes which will automatically grant you tax advantages just in case a property dips in value for a while.

Real estate always comes back and goes higher in selling price if you are patient, in most areas. Even distraught abandoned homes in Detroit are now being snapped up by investors like crazy. If you are properly educated -- a property temporarily dipping in value for a few years won't bother you. As long as you continue to get "market" rent during a dip, what does it really matter? Iowa Farm Land Growth

It is the "dips" that allow you to buy MORE property at a discount, just like dollar cost averaging works well in buying stocks or mutual funds. Dips are opportunity folks! So, yes you do want to hang on to some capital if you buy now and see a further slide in pricing down the road. But start to buy now. Waiting years to jump in never made anybody rich.

Just keep buying over a 10 or 20 year period (long term) and you should be fine and have a very nice net worth when your buying period ends. The stock market works about the same way but those media "talking heads" have to come up with news stories every day that are all bad news, not good news most of the time. They tell you your 401-k lost money every day the stock market dips but they rarely tell you on the evening news you made 2% in one day do they?

One of my concepts alone could put well over $100,000 of tax free money in your pocket yet this year! Yes, you may have to do something you haven't thought about much before, in order to get the money. You may have to sell the home you have lived in for years. But I assure you it is worth the effort to cash in on this concept while you still can and while the government still allows you to make up to $500,000 of tax free gain on your main residence in as short as 2 years!  (If married, otherwise $250,000 free home gain if single) More on that idea later...

With full understanding of my concepts, often comes the desire to implement them. And that desire will give you the motivation to make the needed changes to protect what you have worked so hard for.

Of course, making changes should be gauged with YOUR financial safety profile, your timing, and most importantly -- YOUR needs. Running any of these concepts by your current financial advisors is recommended as well. Why not do a free conference call with me and your current tax or legal guru to explore the possibilities?


No doubt, you fight for your client every step of the way in your client relationship. Perhaps, your client may have asked you to review this site, and advise them on the value of these real estate concepts.

Your visit is appreciated and welcomed.

Thanks for your website visit!

Remember I am just the messenger...

Three Warnings You Should Not Ignore

 Rock and A Hard Place

Warning #1:

What I say next may shock you.  (That is my goal or you won't do anything different will you? You see YOU and just about every other American consumer and investor is very likely going to suffer from a "financial normalcy bias" in the near future. Worse, you may not even know it or see it coming.

No, you're not going to die from it like in a regular natural disaster where a normalcy bias causes disability and death from the mental denial process humans do, even against their better judgment. 

Reality Bias Example: "That tornado won't hit my house." 

Actual Reality: Three minutes later, the home is demolished and the owner barely survives! 

The indicators strongly show a personal financial death or disability could now be looming in our country.  If you don't pay attention to the "signs" warning you, you may be suffering from a "financial normalcy bias".  Ignorance of the changing tides will be financially painful for all that are caught unaware.

Remember that great line from the Forrest Gump movie?  "Run Forrest Run!" Hey, I am only the messenger, but somebody needs to be the bell ringer and it might as well be me. Time to run?  No, not yet.  But you may want to start walking a new direction fairly soon.  (like yet today...)

True Value of US DollarMy first warning is about a potential currency crisis so you can build a defense that allows you to convert your paper dollar based investments into suitable "hard asset" replacement investments -- BEFORE the crisis hits. 

Delaying or doing nothing on this pending risk to your current net worth means you will risk becoming a VICTIM and may miss becoming a VICTOR.  In fact, it pretty well guarantees if you snooze on this one you will lose A quick look at the national debt CLOCK, may wake you quickly...

Visit to learn more!

It isn't the national debt that scares me right now, as bad as that situation is. Can you believe every citizen would now have to pay over $51,000 right now to pay off the national debt?  Including my young grandchildren?  No, it is a law passed in 2010 that has world wide implications now that it was fully implemented on July 1st, 2014.  It is now the law of the land. Though it may not happen right away, none of the implications of this latest provision are good!

Now after being given this first warning, if you choose to remain complacent or to do nothing, so be it. Financial normalcy bias needs a motivator to snap you BACK into reality of where we are as a nation, here and now. But, this newest provision is unlike any other ever passed by Congress.

Investigate Your PortfolioIf I can motivate you to at least investigate and do your own research on some of the information I am sharing, hopefully it will help you see the reasons why you should also engage one or more of my recommended real estate concepts below.  Perhaps, the protocols I discuss may be areas that have never been discussed before with your current financial advisors.

The first stage in making a change is to acquire the knowledge that is necessary to empower change. You won't be the only one searching for ways to protect your investment capital or property from potential massive loss of purchasing power with a devalued U.S. Dollar.  And of course, every investment you now own outside of physical investment grade real estate, or other hard assets - is still tied to the U.S. Dollar.  How smart is that? 

Especially since every stockbroker/investment adviser tells you to diversify. Then they defy their own advice and stick ALL or most of your money into securities tied to and fully subject to the U.S. dollar value.

Just whose needs is your stockbroker serving?

The nice thing is that if none of these warnings ever become reality, NOTHING in my concepts will hurt you outside of possible short term real estate price fluctuations which are common. Real estate is and always has been a long term investment vehicle.

Sure, sometimes investors can "flip" property for quick profits, but the majority of investors buy and hold and are rewarded nicely for their patience. Just in US house prices alone, values have doubled from 1980 even if you use "Real" inflation adjustments. (Doing nothing other than sleeping in your bed makes you money folks)  Heck, my oldest son bought a home less than 2 years ago here in Arizona and has made over $20,000 just by sleeping in it!

You can't say that about those radio ads to buy gold that we all hear on radio and television.  Many new investors buy gold soon after hearing the ads because they are meant to intimidate you to think the price of gold is going to shoot up and you will miss out if you don't buy NOW. Adjusted for inflation since 1980, few know that the "Real" price of gold is 1/2 of the current price!  So, please don't be fooled by salesman who don't understand finance. They do understand one thing very well - how to scare you!

Some of you have WAY too much money invested in gold bars and coins, that probably you hid in your home.  And now, you find that you can't leave home without fear someone will come in and find and steal your metals! By the way... just how many of your closest neighbors know about them also?

Just the concept of converting your paper asset IRA money into an alternative portfolio of investment grade real estate can create the potential for having a long term bright investment future.  I have never seen any piece of real estate held for one generation or longer that did not drastically increase in value. I can assist you using a self directed account with a top professional custodian and it can become a "done deal" in about 8 days!

Empty PocketsAs a practicing professional accountant for the past 28 years, I don't have enough fingers to count the times I deducted "worthless securities" on client tax returns.  In all those years, I have never deducted a "worthless real estate" property.  Only the unfortunate discovery of a toxic waste dump or an illegal drug lab gone bad inside a property could ever render it truly "worthless", and then only if the land beneath is also contaminated. 

Certain European government bonds now pay a negative rate of return. Buyers still buy them assuming "safety" is present, though they lose money owning them. A few say this is about to happen in America. I don't know about you. But when you can get a nice rate of return yet on real estate investments -- I see those buyers as fools buying into false expectations of safety. If it happens here next, don't become a fool...

Warning #2:

IRS Tax BillMy second warning is to declare we are in a new wave of present and future "high" income tax increases and face an additional loss of valuable deductions that we all used to count on. The IRS shake down is about to rattle everyone's cage that still pays income taxes. (50% supporting the other 50% who doesn't pay them) 

These tax increases and deduction decreases have been happening at an increasing rate for quite a few years. It affects YOU right now if you have above average income, both active and passive. Tax year 2016 and beyond are going to shock you as more and more tax levies hit your individual tax returns. The President's state of the union speech on January 20th, 2015 pushed for giving away the first two years of community college, increasing the child credit from 1000 per child to 3000 per child, and other welfare spiffs compliments of the U.S. Government.

Just who do you thing is going to pay for this Robin Hood giveaway approach?

Government GrapHillary Clinton wants to give free college to families under a very big income threshold that would cost billions of dollars and add to our national debt dollar for dollar. So politicians will say and some will do anything to get elected - regardless if it tanks the very country electing them. Don't be fooled by offers that steal money from your future and your children's and grandchildren's future.

In fact, few senior clients with comfortable retirement income ever planned to have to pay federal and state income taxes on up to 85% on their Social Security income each year.  Most do exactly that by exceeding the income threshold the government feels should not be exceeded without penalty.  (It's the same retirement income level where the "kids" have to send you money for air tickets in order to go see them each year)

Additionally, medical deductions on Schedule A lost another 2.5% of ground starting in 2013 and beyond. That won't help for those wanting to deduct all of their Obama care healthcare premiums) Also, a 3.8% surtax hit higher income earners that did not exist until recently. And, the alternative minimum tax (AMT - if you get hit with it, you KNOW what it is) was not "fixed" properly by legislation.  So, it too can take bigger bites out of higher income earners with "preference items" both personal or business write offs.

This tax "shake down" party is just starting. Trillions of new money will be needed to keep Obama care afloat as the permanent health care law of the land now. Add in the need for military operations fighting world wide terrorism, including terrorism coming to our own shores, and you get the full picture of the need to tax U.S. citizens like never before. And add in ever increasing charitable payout on poverty income and food programs to citizens now running at the highest rate ever. That will pretty well paint the full picture of why income tax for those who make a living and don't live off the government will go sky high now. And, can we really afford to give countries like Iran 150 billion dollars?

Mandatory egregious tax law is now the "norm", not the exception, so you need to get used to that fact. I could go on and on about why your taxes are going up, way up, if you don't take measures to offset the increases. But, I think you get the point. If you have high income, just pull out your past filed 1040's and figure the net tax rate (actual percentage of earnings) and you will see what I mean. In a few years, without taking drastic tax actions using real estate investments -- you will pray to have the same marginal rate you have now.

Warning #3:

Treasury Prints MoneyA third warning is in case we DO experience a big currency devaluation of the US dollar (at a faster pace than the past), which means hyper-inflation is bound to appear soon after.

Now, truthfully, when a government prints money like it is mere wallpaper with nothing backing it up....  just how well is that going to turn out in the long run? 

Only a fool would believe this type of mismanagement and fiscal irresponsibility can actually have any long term positive effect on the economy. The day of reckoning is already set from what I've been told... it's just a matter of knowing which year, month or day it commences. They have kicked that "can" down an alley way which has no way out. No magical trap door to walk out of it exists.

Past patterns of countries experiencing currency devaluation dictates that a huge wave of inflation follows soon after.  And as this "hyper-inflation" kicks in, it also brings insane high paper currency values that will barely buy a loaf of bread! 

It eventually leads a country to the point that an entire economic monetary "re-set" of currency values is necessary. Resets are never good for those holding paper assets!  Most of the time, it means your paper currency and the assets tied to them become worthless or of very little value afterwards.

Remember: Your portfolio of currency based paper assets can all but be wiped out if you have not already properly diversified your money against these risks, if any of these warnings comes true.

Is it not worth a few minutes of your time to invest in a solution (or at least learn how to turn the right direction) if some or all of these warnings turn into reality? Or in the case of the IRS, if they keep taking away more and more of your hard earned income in the future with ever increasing oppressive taxes, don't you want a strategy to fight back?

Drunken SailorOur government spending like there is no tomorrow is like a drunken sailor with enough money in his pocket to drink all weekend and do a lot of damage before he wakes up Monday morning with a heck of a hangover and a stark reality that all his money is gone!

The national debt out of control, passing a mandatory healthcare law that the majority of citizens don't want, and now enforcing a U.S. law and forcing it upon the entire world for enforcement since it became effective on July 1, 2014 -- may indeed be the breaking point.

I am only passing on what I know from other harbingers trying to warn me. I in turn am just warning you. So please, don't shoot the messenger. But, make no mistake, this new law now enforced worldwide (many foreign governments aren't so sure they will comply) risks losing the U.S. dollar as the currency of choice. The ship may sink at any time and without warning...

Though it most likely will remain the "reserve" currency, the need for a reserve currency may not be needed in the future and if it does, and remains free floating, countries like China and Russia will do all they can to put a black eye on U.S. dollars in the future, thus diminishing it's value and security for all who trust in it.

And, due to excessive high income taxes on American based companies, another situation that hurts the economy is the current practice of corporate TAX INVERSIONS. This procedure allows a U.S. based company to buy a foreign company in a country that has lower or no corporate taxes.  Then they merge into "one" overseas foreign based company, thus avoiding future U.S. corporation taxation. They can still benefit from their American research, connections, and past good will.

But the practice is drastic since it requires they also must renounce their U.S. citizenship. And, the U.S. government is studying options to stop the practice and could even possibly declare it an illegal act, believe it or not. That in light of the world outside the U.S. that you and I live in, has massive "trillions" of comparable money denominations NOT tied to or under our government's control.

Those governments and currencies used including the Euro begs to differ with ANY country like the U.S. declaring they have the right to dictate their banks and brokerage firms must turn over all of the private financial data of any US citizen living abroad in another country.

This new provision of our 2010 law that kicked in July 1st, 2014 may soon be the final act (the last shoe) that brings down our entire monetary system as we know it.  Just think about major countries deciding to replace the U.S. dollar with another currency... and you will get the proper incite I want you to have so you can make better decisions on how to protect your money. Pushing too hard, too far and around the world -- the U.S. government may be the final straw that breaks the camel's back folks.

 You May Not Have the Luxury of More Time

Time is Up

After building your "tax protection fortress" with proper real estate portfolios, and taking the advice of a Tax Smart Real Estate Agent, you can get a good start in restoring a sense of security in this world full of chaos and stress.

If you hire me to find property here in Arizona or property outside of Arizona through a referring agent I suggest for you, a sense of peace and security for facing the future may be possible, regardless of what happens.

Getting as much of your hard earned money into real estate holdings makes sense in any decade of the past. It makes even more sense now as we face unknown hurdles and economic challenges never experienced before in the past.    

No, I don't really know what is coming. But if the dollar suddenly dropped 30%-50% in value over a short period of time (some are predicting this could now happen because of enforcement of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act of 2010 otherwise known as FATCA that became effective July 1, 2014), you will be better prepared by Re-Casting investment money strongly into real estate holdings. 

Even Russia's currency lost about 50% in 2014, so what will stop something like that happening here when all of our elected officials more or less continue to ignore where they have kicked our financial can?

If you keep going blindly down the same investment path you have always treaded... maintaining a portfolio of mostly stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other paper assets such as bank CD's... and continue to ignore actual physically owning large quantities of investment grade real estate... I wish you luck. My read is you will need it to survive a drastic currency devaluation.

In fact, few understand the multiple bailouts for Greece are to keep the Euro propped up as long as possible. Many other European countries are in the same boat Greece is in.  Bailouts without correcting the severe problems only make the eventual "bust" more harsh and damaging. Not just to them but the entire world economies.

Like a set of dominos stacked and falling over when the first one falls  - so will be the systemic plunge worldwide that will take out your spending power of the U.S. dollar in as short as a 24 hour period!

There really are only 3 positions you can take now: 

      1. Know what is happening 

      2. Watch things happen or

      3. Not know what is happening. 

I am afraid if you take the 2nd or 3rd position -- it will be too late to reverse the damages a crashing dollar could wreak on your investment money and retirement savings. 

One thing is for sure.  If inflation comes roaring back in like it did during Jimmy Carter's Presidency -- your serious investment money in proper real estate holdings could be sitting "pretty". Using proper diversification between paper assets and physical hard assets would allow investment money to be diversified properly.

But that mix of hard asset investments must include real estate, not just a little bit of gold or silver bullion or coins.  A little gold or silver is fine, but don't go crazy and don't buy any hard asset just because someone scared you into buying it. Buy alternative investments in hard assets based on sound facts and personal inclinations guiding you on who you should trust and what investment options suit your needs when the financial storm comes.

Even those insurance annuities will plunge in value folks, and I say this as a long term licensed insurance agent that has sold millions and millions of dollars in fixed and variable annuities over my long career. The current "fixed" annuity plans guarantee principal based on the financials of the issuing insurance company. Pretty safe stuff in light of other alternatives. But, not safe against the U.S. Dollar drastically heading "south" in value due to a major financial crisis. (which will be world wide)  American citizens like to buy insurance to protect against catastrophic loss.

Again, having some annuities is fine since the risk of dollar value declination is offset with the fact that all insurance companies with proper ratings have tremendous reserves required by state and federal law. Those reserves start at one dollar of reserves for each dollar they take in to invest for you. (well rated companies maintain at least a 103% or higher reserve position to protect your principal invested)

Compare that to the reserves set aside to cover an F.D.I.C. government insured bank product (pennies on the dollar folks) and you will see why insurance companies are much safer then keeping big gobs of money in a bank account, even if it has the government insurance tag on it. Just don't put all your investment money into any one kind of investment vehicle, including the bank, or you may be sorry later.

But, where are you going to go out and buy an investment product that guarantees you have a chance to offset the plunge in spending power if the U.S. dollar takes a deep dive down?

Protect Your Heirs

Your heirs need protection from error right now. To get that protection - Think real estate.  Frankly, any piece of real estate will do if things get really dicey and desperate! Along with a devalued dollar and the big drop in purchasing power of the U.S. dollar possible, more money trouble may come soon after.  Deflation is normally followed by high inflation, then crazy run away inflation (known as hyper-inflation). On top of a gas price run up potential we face right now from a Russian oil embargo... the word  "decimate" may soon be in YOUR daily vocabulary if these series of events or any couple of them were to take place. Perhaps, only one major event could trigger the end of the long bull market and toss us into a major financial crisis just like what hit the country in 2008.

Gas ShortageFactoring less oil coming from the Mideast for an extended period of time due to unbelievable negative events going on there -- the price of oil and gasoline could now skyrocket. Don't let the current dip in the price of a barrel of oil fool you. Oil baron countries play with the supply and demand and pricing just like DeBeers controlled supply and demand and pricing of diamonds until their monopoly was broken recently. Enjoy low gasoline prices at the pump as it is the calm before the storm hits and gas prices skyrocket. (keep buying economy cars and buy them now while others buy gas guzzling 4x4's thinking gas prices make them cheap to drive)

The U.S. could help it's citizens more by allowing us to buy our own oil products. But so far, the government mostly only allows the crude oil products from US wells to be sold cheaply to countries outside of America. That needs to change. 

Any of us adults that experienced the 1970's still have a good memory of all of that "junk" we had to go through. It wasn't fun -- it was scary and costly when items shot up in price weekly that you needed to consume. Today, sitting and doing nothing while thinking nothing will ever change -- while the signs of trouble are right outside your door -- is "financial normalcy bias".  Ignoring these signs could put you into therapy for a long time. That is if you have any money or other monetary payment source left to pay for it, after a potential crash takes place.

Now, if you have already accumulated a big pile of gold bars (or bags of silver and gold coins) and are smiling because the gold bug bit you and you are happy about that...  you better read my section called HARD ASSET BLUES.  It might give you new perspective on why real estate might make more sense as a hard asset to invest in during tough economic times.  After buying metals, some are afraid to leave at night knowing someone could come in and steal them. (How many friends did you show that gold to?

And, if you put your gold in the bank, be sure to read content from the link above to see how many banks the FDIC has reported that went bust since the last election.  Sure, they open up bank branches quickly after a failure, under new ownership. At least so far. But some day, that might change too...  How are you going to get your gold out of the bank deposit box if the bank doors shut and don't open up again?

My plea to you in this turning point time in American history, is to suggest something that is finite. Something that is so big, or "attached", that no one can steal it from you physically. Something more familiar than those cute little silver or gold coins. May I suggest good old dirt (land), or wood, bricks, and mortar (homes or apartments) to use instead, to sit out some rough economic times that may be coming?

Only real estate fits the current economic crisis well as a suitable investment replacement option. A Re-Cast into real estate works for you and not against you since high inflation pushes values up nicely on real estate, just like it did in the 1970's and early 1980's. This happens, while paper assets decline in value and spending power dives lower drastically when things really start getting rough economically.  (Unfortunately, history does repeat itself)

  I'm serious folks, a coming currency nightmare is predicted for as soon as 2015, and could be right around the corner.

 The video below was created after we hit a 8.7 Trillion national debt deficit. Since our current President took over... it has more than doubled! And all these folks interviewed were worried 8 years ago...  

Will these economic disasters actually happen?  I have no clue!  But, if they do, will you be ready? I know that once you are informed about various opportunities in real estate that few, if any, other real estate agents have told you about -- you will want to find out all you can. I assure you, these are all exciting concepts, five of the best, and they are not your run of the mill "tired and worn out" marketing ploys of the past. Each is designed to help you protect your assets and still put money in your pocket.

Folks, I have practiced for almost 40 years in financial services.  And I am worried for you.  Maybe it's time you wake up if you have been asleep, and consider fishing on the other side of the boat if those storm clouds come any closer...

And now, I proudly present introductions to my 5 best money saving concepts. You will have to register to get ALL of the information that I want you to read and study on these concepts. Be sure to share the information with your current legal and tax advisors as it is very likely they will agree with all or most of what I present.  

Now, here are my Top 5 Concepts I promised...

Concept #1: Home Gain Redemption

Arizona HomeHow much can this concept put in your pocket right now?  Well, if you have lived in your home a long time and it has greatly grown in value, you could lose up to $500,000 of tax-free gain (if married) if a government tax law change takes away IRC Section 121. Or drastically reduced the tax-free gain it now allows.

You see, I am afraid that you as well as most Americans today are still blinded to what is going on in our country. Forces are at work that can suddenly change tax law at the drop of a hat  -- even make a change with a new Executive Order that bypass's Congress. It seems the rule of law has taken a back seat lately in government administration. What is legal today can become adverse and costly tomorrow morning when you wake up and find profitable provisions are taken away.

This is not a time you should be represented by just any Realtor for your future real estate transactions, as the Tax Smart perspective is very important. This free information site is designed for discriminating buyers and sellers of Arizona residential real estate. (and other property outside of Arizona that we assist you with by referral) It will open "doors" in your mind that may still be locked shut.  Not because others haven't told you.  But, because you think you have plenty of timeBut what if you don't?  

Learn more about our "Home Sweet Home Gain" program and how you can receive a free, no-obligation triple value report of what your home is worth today, how much equity you have, and how much tax-free gain you are eligible for if you listed and sold your home right now. 

I will even take your marginal tax rate and tell you how much tax free cash you can stick in your pocket if you listed and sold your main home with me. I know, I know -- it is your HOME and not an investment right?

Well O.K., I got that. But as soon as the law changed in May, 1997 - if you had enough money, did you run out and buy at least 2 homes so you could leverage them for capital gains when each eventually maxed out in appreciation? Then sell both for a million dollar gain and pay no taxes?  Well, you still can do that folks. Your home, or homes, whether you like it or not or admit it or not, is/are one of your best investments!

Is it worth moving a couple times in your lifetime to bank a million bucks tax free? Some of my clients over the years have played up to "3" homes to this same tune and fiddle and have done very well. Sometimes it is by accident, such as when two homeowners get married. Other times it is planned with some clients juggling more than one "main home" such as one home in Arizona and another back in Michigan.

It is the greatest way to safely accumulate wealth "tax free" for single and married couples alike to date, bar none.  So, I agree it is your home. But, I don't agree it is not an investment. When I settle estates here in Arizona as an accountant, the two largest assets are the home equity and the IRA (retirement) account in almost every case.  When I do the required worksheet on clients that sell a home held long term, I almost always see large tax free "investment" gains!

So as an example: A married couple who has achieved $500,000 or more in their "main" home gain since purchase date who are in a combined top tax rate here in Arizona of 24.54%, (Federal top capital gains rate of 20% and State tax rate of 4.54%) could sell and slide a cool $122,700* into their pockets tax free this year! 

Few know this:  If you are over the $250,000 single cap, or $500,000 marital cap, we can still assist in doing a Section1031 exchange on any amount over! That way it is possible to still defer paying any tax on a home sale by rolling the additional gain into a new property! All this is available right now. But only if current law holds...

* Arizona residents. Your actual tax free cash could be higher if your maximum or marginal state tax rate is higher than Arizona.

Learn More About The Home Sweet Home Concept 

Concept #2: Up To 100 Years of Tax Deferred Earnings

IRA SecretsWhat secret has your banker, insurance agent or stockbroker been keeping from you for the last 40 years? Our Century IRA program rescues IRA money from low interest bank CD's, high commission annuities, gold you can't see and touch, and stock brokers who may be just losing money for you.

All by making YOU the one in charge of your own self directed IRA invested in "investment grade" Real Estate products. It may be time you fire the advisors who are just "hanging" on you and sticking you in an endless loop of the same old products that frankly, may be just a little boring and tiresome after all these years.

Perhaps, you are also tired of generating fees and commissions for them that further erodes your investment performance. Money that helps pay their bills instead of yours! Or conversely, you tried the "do it yourself" get rich program for day trading and found out that it was best you don't quit your day job.  (as a practicing accountant, I see mostly failure in that one at tax time) Don't give up on yourself just because you might have become a victim of a high pressure stock trading system that couldn't lose. (but did lose) You were tricked as NO ONE has ever been able to predict stock market performance accurately for any longer length of time.

I introduce a concept that will make you tax smart about an option all your advisors in the past have done everything possible to hide the truth about.  Simply, investing in real estate with your own retirement funds.  There is government talk about taking over your 401-k or 403-B plan at work because they think they can manage your money better than you.  (Yea Right) 

Are you aware of the talk to steal your retirement money and issue you a low guaranteed rate of return government annuity backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government?  (Did you know this plan would remove your chance to ever withdraw your cash (principal) out?)

Learn about the specific rules and rewards for those that dare to venture out of the static "norm" with their retirement money. And of course, learn the pitfalls to avoid as well.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to set these up, just a Tax Smart Realtor assisting you. Get a free "in service" 401-k review, or an IRA analysis that will assist you in transferring certain assets for a new self directed IRA plan.  And, get our list of 3 independent qualified self directed custodians so you can compare plans, rates, and benefits for your new self directed IRA account purchasing real estate.

Learn More About The Century Self Directed IRA Concept 

Concept #3: Instant Income Tax Relief*

* A.K.A. the gift from the IRS "MAGI"...

ShockShock is the word to describe future income tax rates and loss of deductions that are coming folks. This may be you in a few years opening up your client return copy from your CPA.

Just like Concept #1(selling your home to lock in tax-free gain we mentioned above), your tax professional over the years has also been suggesting ways to lower your income tax bill. One of those suggestions I will guess your current tax adviser has mentioned is to buy some investment real estate.  Income producing investment real estate so it can carry itself (with a break even or positive cash flow) so the "renter" helps make your payments if leveraged. (financed) Or pays you nice additional monthly income if you pay cash.

BTW: I 100% concur and agree with your current accountant/CPA if that is what they have been suggesting lately.

Especially if you are on a path of salary increases and benefits pushing you into higher marginal tax rates.  Or, perhaps you recently got married and combined two professional incomes on one tax return, with no bambinos to deduct yet.  (Ouch, that one wakes people up fast, especially when they discover filing married and separate won't help!)

There is relief available if you make good money, but not so much money that the government considers you "rich". So who is the best prospect for this concept?  Tax filers with $75,000 to $125,000 of MAGI (modified adjusted gross annual income) are the best prospects. The write off ends if you your MAGI is $150,000 or higher in a tax year.  But, any future year with lower income brings tax write offs forward to use on future tax returns. That is a huge benefit since income can vary greatly due to disability, loss of employment, etc.

Maybe you should buy investment real estate property to lower your tax bill and increase your net worth when you retire.  Or, if you are already retired and miss those higher bank CD rates that no longer exist -- perhaps buying investment grade, income producing real estate is something you should consider now. That is if you are really getting tired of eating out at McDonald's with your 1.04 % annualized CD income.

It's not too late to get on a better track to invest your hard earned retirement money with reasonable risk and great reward potential.  (Real estate is what your grandfathers told you to buy. Remember?)  In life, it's never too late to do anything.  To correct a wrong.  To change paths. To learn new things.

Just because you never did it on your own up to this point, doesn't mean this concept won't work for you. In fact, buying income generating real estate investment property may be mandatory to keep your income tax bill "reasonable" in the future.

What's that worth in real cash in your pocket?  You now have a silent partner who can give you up $25,000 of yearly allowable passive tax losses on your federal income tax return each year. And it is all an accounting "slight of hand" due to the high amount of depreciation you can claim for your new rental property or properties.

To determine how much money this will put in your pocket each year, just take your marginal tax rate from your 2014 tax return + add your state tax (if applicable) and total the percentage. Then, take that percentage times your annual rental loss*. 

Chandler Arizona HomeAn Arizona Resident Example:  You buy your  first starter level rental property home here in Chandler Arizona at a current purchase price around $190,000. (a fairly new resale home in a nice area). After deducting for land cost which can not be depreciated, the rental home would spin out about $160,000 in depreciable value for tax purposes.

With the normal IRS straight line depreciation schedule of 27.5 years, your first rental purchase should produce a paper passive tax loss each year of around $5,820*. (actual gain/loss would depend on actual rental income and expenses and could be higher or lower) 

So to build up to a maximum IRS tax write off for paper loss (or real loss if you are a really bad landlord), it is wise to build up to the full passive loss deduction limit of $25,000 per year.  This means you would need to buy at least 4-5 rental homes over a period of time. Or buy them all at once if you can come up with 20% down for each home and a few thousand dollars closing costs it will cost to "close" each home and take possession. That means you would buy a total of $760,000-$950,000 of rental properties at today's current pricing.

Putting more than the minimum required down payment down on a rental doesn't make any more money for you, as it is the leverage on the borrowed money that works in your favor.  You control MORE property with the cash you have, which gives the necessary leverage to control a multiple of properties versus just one house paid for. 

Wonder how people get rich in real estate?

The answer is simple: Using leverage and OPM (other people's money).  

An example inside our content page provided only to our registered guests will clearly show you who made out with the most profit when two brothers with identical cash accounts set out to buy investment real estate.  In fact the variance between paying cash for one property versus paying minimum down and securing eight properties is really amazing how leverage can make you rich! (or keep you rich)

Leverage allows you to pay low or no taxes during the years your properties are growing in value.  It is all the stuff the rich know about and normally don't tell you about...

Now, if you are retired and want everything paid for, leverage becomes secondary to knowing everything is paid for including your main home and any rental homes you may own.  Rental homes as a replacement for low paying CD's still works just the same, with or without leverage.  There is more risk but there is more reward potential. And diversification from paper asset risk.  If you can no longer live on CD's paying a little over 1 % interest per year, why not take a closer look at what I have to offer?

Either way, by financing or paying cash, you will want to seriously consider grabbing an air flight out to meet with me and discover why our homes in Arizona are great for investment purposes. With Industries such as Boeing, Free scale, Honeywell, Intel, as well as our Professional sports teams, (can you imagine the rent they get for temporary housing during the Super Bowl?), it may be time you discover why Arizona homes are best suited for long term growth scenarios.

* Rental loss is from depreciation in rental property, the gift from the IRS that allows you to lower taxes on your annual income every year. For 27.5 years in the future on each rental property you buy, a large paper write off is given to you. Under current tax law, you can not qualify for the special non-passive loss deduction if you make over 150k of MAGI per year. However, carry forward rules apply to any non deductible portion of rental real estate investment property. Active and material participation rules also must be met to deduct passive losses on rental real estate.

If you have good income and low debt, and high taxes already, it's time you at least find out what this concept means to you in real dollars and cents. My firm specializes in making first time landlords and landladies and has done so for tax clients for more than a quarter century!

Your friends do this and brag don't they?  Let me determine your actual viability by doing a free study. I will do all the math, figure your marginal rates, project the future "tax bill" it will cost if you don't make this important financial strategy move. And give you real dollar estimates how this concept could drastically lower your current tax bill.

You know if you don't do something now, you are going to get soaked on income taxes down the road, don't you?

Learn More About The "Make Me A Landlord" Rental Property Concept 

Concept #4: Harvesting Tax Loss Lemons

Tax Loss LemonadeHarvest time is a beautiful time of year for farm families. A long growing season with wild weather, crop price changes, and equipment repairs are some of the risks farmers take. But, they never stop reaping their rewards when the harvest takes place. Even if it doesn't compensate them for all of their efforts and work some years.

Sometimes, there are nice gains ands sometimes there is no profit and sometimes, a loss. It's all part of the normal cycle for a businessman in general, not just farmers.  Even for us consumers who are willing to venture out and take some risk to receive a higher reward, loss can and does occur. Sometimes, loss's are substantial and that is what this concept is about. 

Are you sitting on capital loss's?  Large capital loss's? It doesn't matter how you lost the money. Or who took advantage of you. But if you are sitting on large loss's not already deducted on your tax return - what is wrong with you?  Are you waiting to die before you try to actually make some new capital gains? (such as in a diversified real estate portfolio with me)

Did you know you lose more money every year you sit and do nothing? In fact, if you never do anything about your failed past attempt to make positive gains, that means they will just bury them with you my friend, if you just keep sitting on your thumbs, deducting the measly $ 3,000 a year the IRS allows.

This is serious stuff and if you haven't been motivated to stick your neck back into a reasonable investment scenario that allows slow but steady capital gains to accumulate tax deferred during the building process (nice feature of investment real estate if you didn't catch it), maybe now is the time to wake up.

To ever make lemonade out of your lemons, you need NEW gains to match old loss's carried forward. That way you can sell and match loss for gain, and walk out paying no income tax whatsoever!  But YOU have to make the first move. The very fact the IRS is giving you that tiny $3,000 tax write off each year should be insulting to you.  Perhaps they haven't raised the limit all these years because they want you to get back in the game and stimulate the economy by investing in capital investments...

Need more convincing?  Grab a compound discount factor table book at the book store, like I carry in my briefcase. Or, you might just want to run actual calculations online.  CLICK HERE, but be sure you come back O.K.? 

Just apply the annual loss factor you incur for each year you continue to cry about your bad day on Wall Street a few years ago. (or those storage units you put in a small town in Iowa whose residents didn't see the need to use them).

At a 6% compound discount factor, a $100,000 loss carried forward from 2014 to 2015, a year later that is, says you now have $94,265.51 in real value for using your tax loss to offset any taxable gain. (future value of money is always discounted)  So the cost to wait one year cost an additional $ 5,734.49!

I bet your accountant has been telling you this same stuff ever since that stock portfolio fell to 50% back in 2008 and you decided you better get out before you lost everything. Touching a nerve?  Good, you may be that "hard case" potential client I am looking for. If I don't wake you with my words, you are never going to realize the full potential of your disaster. Yes, it can actually can have some positives!  Tax free future gains until you completely wipe out all the old tax loss lemons. 

For example, if you lost $150,000 in 2008 and took that puny $3,000 tax deduction on form 1040 in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 -- you have wiped out just $21,000 so far. Meaning you still have a whopping $ 129,000 left!

And what if you kick the bucket?  Your spouse, or heirs get no further benefit after the final 1040 is filed for the year of death. How stale are your lemons getting, with you sitting around doing nothing with them? 

Lost money scenarios aren't pretty. But matching prior loss with new gains, is the work of "premium" valued accountants and financial advisors who truly understand the beauty of making lemonade out of a lemon

Consider letting me assist you to get back on track this year as your tax smart real estate agent. I love assisting clients who want to make lemonade from tax loss lemons! It starts with getting back the guts to get back in the capital investment game folks. And then going out and buying some investment grade real estate!

Learn More About How To Harvest Your Tax Loss's Concept

Concept #5: Is It Time To Re-Cast Your Total Investment Portfolio?

Cash in the CashMake no mistake, tough economic times have happened in the past and they will happen in the future. The key right now is to figure out when they will happen again and learn how to prepare for them and possibly profit from them as well. 

As a Realtor, I can't give you investment advice. So, that means I can't tell you what to sell right now and then convert to real estate holdings, (also known as a "hard assets").

But as a financial advisor and consultant for the past 40+ years, (licensed real estate agent/Realtor for the past 13 years), I can give you my insight and assist you to find a good "home" to place your money assets into during times of duress and distress, or outright depression. If nothing bad at all ever hits the country, that would be fantastic and I would be the first to celebrate. Yet, my good accounting skills diminish that thought as nothing more than a dream since sound financial policy in Washington no longer exists!

Weimar RepublicSo, I have rung the bell on this site to let you know that I personally feel most Americans will not see what is coming, until it has already hit them. Then hurt them and result in great damages to their paper dollar value type assets.

Perhaps some will get hit so hard that their paper based assets will reach near worthless values with low odds of ever recovering. This happened to my own relatives in Germany in the early 1920's. (History tells us that other countries that reset their currencies will also directly cause permanent loss's for citizens and their paper only backed money)

I also am giving insight on some problems I have observed with clients buying the wrong "hard" assets. They had the right idea, but the suitability of what they bought wasn't exactly matched well to their own individual lifestyles. Some are singing the HARD ASSET BLUES sitting on $1800 per ounce purchased gold during a current $1100 per ounce price drop...

A "Worst Case" Scenario Explored

Tornado ComingIf a tornado was seen coming right at you, would you turn your back and wait for it to hit?  Of course not. Well, I don't know what is coming to America. But if the financial experts who predict trouble is on it's way due to poor decisions that were made on how to stimulate the economy -- the last thing you want to do is to blindfold yourself or turn your back. Ignoring trouble doesn't make it go away. 

Adding the fact that FEMA is doing considerable planning for troubled times in the future here in America, the intelligent investor will diversify now, while you still can. That is why this call to re-cast investment money by including real estate is being made. Preferred real estate such as what we have here in Arizona.

I feel a diversified real estate portfolio (actual properties folks, not ETF shares) is the BEST home for paper dollar investment money you now have. S&S is the key.  It stands for Safety and Survival. No one can steal your land lot. Or your rental home. (Well in Iowa where I grew up, they did regularly jack up older homes and move them down the road to another location, but not with everyone in the county knowing it!)

Even if a renter fails to pay rent, or pays less than they owe, the request to maintain your property for you in lieu of full rent or even any rent, means your property will have a chance to survive during a time of great economic crisis.

Yes, I'm talking about a worst case scenario, but even still, we must assume your insurance company (buy from the biggest and best rated carrier folks, not just for pricing) will still be on the hook for property damages that could take place to property inside your real estate investment portfolio.

The bottom line is that no one is taking your land, your lot, or your rental home domiciled on that land. And, if big inflation comes, it will drive the values of your real estate holdings skyward just like it did in the 1970's when double digit inflation hit the country.

You will hear some experts say that if any of these negative scenarios ever took place in America -- real estate values will plunge along with everything else. In fact, one contrarian view I read online recently said real estate was the worst investment and buying silver (metals) was the best. One of the biggest promoters of these "sky is falling" printed and online materials is author Harry Dent. He goes on with his predictions and misfires unabated. One national publication stated "Harry's predictions were like a blind squirrel collecting nuts. Not very accurate but he may find one occasionally by accident."

Gold CoinsOf course, all the predictors doom and gloom are pushing gold.  Again, the Hard Asset Blues sets in for many families who think they can diversify with actual investment metals kept in their home. If you have to make a "run" in a worst case scenario, just how are you going to travel with big bags of heavy coins or bullion weighing you down?

Both of these hard assets (real estate and metals) are enablers for becoming protectors for financial Safety and Survival. And both can be "worth less" during their cycle of ups and downs just like any other variable investment.  Yet, they do just fine for the long term haul. And neither will ever be "worthless" like an individual stock or bond could be declared "of no value" for IRS deduction purposes.

Folks, it is almost impossible for real estate to become "worthless" like all those worthless (worth zilch) stocks and partnership schemes I have taken as tax loss write offs on client tax returns for the past quarter century as a professional tax preparer!

If you buy real estate for investment purposes, think "generationally" for keeping and maintaining your wealth not just for the rest of your life, but for your children's lives and even your grandchildren and great grandchildren. And, consider all real estate as a "long term" investment, so you don't need to fret over short term changes in value, devaluation, or even huge runs ups in value such as what we have had here in Arizona since 2011. 

All I know is that if you owned a few acres of Manhattan land bought by your great grandfather 100 years ago, you would be a very rich person today. My own parents bought farm land and the highest priced land they purchased (final parcel) increased 10 times in value since then! So, yes, bad times could give temporary devaluations to investment real estate. Having the patience to wait for gains to return is no different than what stock investors experience.

But, it could also go the other way.  When citizens realize that real estate is the only "hard asset" someone can't steal from you, it takes on a whole new importance in your re-cast planning this year.

Unlike gold coins, diamonds, or bullion bars that you may have already hidden around your home, your real estate will still be there if you leave and later come back. I feel real estate is the safest and softest "hard asset" you can buy in an attempt to preserve and protect your wealth. Arizona properties still have great potential for a nice run up in price from current values. And, we now have adequate inventory to choose from here in Arizona!

Don't wait to get in on these concepts folks. Smart investors are already dumping millions every day into real estate investment portfolios as a shelter for a coming storm.  Wealthy families have known for centuries how to protect and preserve their wealth from currency devaluation risk, inflation, deflation and just about every other catastrophic event that could affect their wealth. Is it any wonder they choose real estate during tough times?

Government GrabAnd, if the government does take over 401(k) plans by mandate (you will wake up and it has taken place), getting frozen 401(k) deposits away from former employers is a smart move for 2014 and 2015.  You can direct transfer those funds into your own self directed IRA account as "cash" ready to buy real estate. I am not sure the government will also attempt to take over IRA accounts at the same time, so it most likely is a safer place for retirement money against the risk of confiscation by the U.S. government which sadly, is now a present risk.

That risk is not hearsay.  Many proposals have already reviewed and studied by the government to take away your capital in retirement accounts and pay you a  guaranteed rate of "income", but taking your capital. These proposed "take over" plans only allow income, no principal withdrawals!  Read more at:

Will The Government Soon Own Your Retirement Plan?

If you are not wealthy, but able to diversify your hard earned investment portfolio to break loose around $180,000 right now, an Arizona rental home is waiting for you.  In fact, I have the key to show it to you as soon as you get here!  Or, if you are here in Arizona, let's go look at some potential rental homes!   (Us Arizona Realtors and real estate agents have key access to almost every home for sale on the MLS sales system)

Don't ignore what the Canadians, Chinese and other foreign real estate buyers already know and are doing. And the richest families in America. They are buying up a lot of our properties every year. Do they know something we don't? Are they smarter than the typical American who is still asleep and ignoring the financial storm coming? 

And since they have been buying up multi-million dollar business buildings and farms, rental homes and bare lots for quite a few years -- should you and I copy them while we still can? 

Those are questions you can get answers for inside, once you REGISTER. Seriously, this may be your last wake up call to cast your line in a new direction. It will be up to you to put together the percentage of your total investment portfolio you want to divest and place into new real estate purchases.

Remember, I can't give investment advice telling you what securities you should sell or liquidate.  But I can help you buy alternative real estate* with your proceeds.  I kindly suggest we start building your new real estate portfolios right here in Arizona for starters.

Endless renters exist in Arizona. We have no tornadoes or hurricanes and everybody gets used to the heat eventually. (As long as their A.C. Unit works properly) And, prices are modest compared to the coast cities. It's almost a landlord's paradise for stable rental payments from endless renters moving to Arizona each year and looking to rent before they buy a home.  Many just prefer renting over owning their own homes on a long term basis and are stable residents for your rental properties here.

*I co-ordinate referrals to properly licensed and qualified Tax Smart Real Estate Agents outside of Arizona, ready to go to work to find what you want no matter where that may be in America or in the world!  (I recently made a real estate referral in South Africa)

Learn More About How To Recast Your Portfolio Into Real Estate Concept

Now, if you didn't take a look yet, let's explore a few scenarios of investors who have already re-cast their investment portfolios into the "wrong" hard assets... and now are having serious second thoughts.

Hard Asset Blues


 (be sure to come back when you are done reading about other peoples misery or worries)

Lastly, in case you just inherited an IRA or other retirement account, this section profiles my consulting service I provide with associate and attorney Dr. Saul S. Gefter...

The Hottest Real Estate Investment on the Planet

Rescue Your IRA Dollars from Inherited IRA Hell.For years, along with attorney and partner Dr. Saul S. Gefter, we have rescued millions of dollars from needless taxation when a retirement plan owner dies. 

Inherited IRA money may end up in a hot place we call "Inherited IRA Hell" by not seeking professional tax advisory at the onset of discovering you have just inherited someone else's retirement plan due to their death. This is because of bad advice from parent's (or others that have passed away) prior advisors when the money changes hands.

Sometimes, it happens just from plain old bad luck because people procrastinate and delay making good decisions until it is too late, including taking over inherited money accounts in a timely manner after the death of a large IRA owner.

Many of these prior advisors let their own greed dictate what they suggest you do regarding your relative's hard earned retirement money left to you now. Being fee or commission driven for new sales with the "old" money they formerly controlled -- they often forget that you, the heir or beneficiary, now owns the retirement money. These advisors can act like you are legally bound to do what they tell you to do. Growing up on an Iowa farm, we would call that "hog wash!"

Complicated issues such as naming living trusts to receive the money, or naming the estate (that's a real no-no and stupid mistake I see a lot) come up every week in my Inherited IRA consulting cases on retainer. And, with a huge change in federal law regarding bankruptcy protection -- reviewing any large IRA account you now have is extremely important to stay out of the problem areas my firm gets hired for after the owners die.

So, what does this have to do with real estate?  Or working with a Smart Real Estate agent?


If you grasped the Century IRA program above, and liked it but perhaps don't have enough retirement money to participate in it, there is still hope.  You might just get the chance after all if you are named the beneficiary of someone else's large IRA retirement program!

That could still be a big deal for you.  Register to find out how to prep and groom all retirement programs for maximum gains, and to eliminate common mistakes. And learn what an "inherited IRA friendly" custodian is as well as obtain the list of companies (it's a very short list) that are suggested for large IRA accounts by attorney Natalie B. Choate, America's top expert and author on Retirement planning.

Most IRA owners make mistakes on what is either the largest or second largest asset they own - personal retirement money accounts. (Normally your home and your personal retirement plan are the two largest assets for most Americans)  FSI rescues those jumping into Inherited IRA HellI get calls each week from heirs with large IRA's all messed up after death due to somebody not understanding how to set these account up prior to death. Sometimes it is too late and they are told they are in "Inherited IRA Hell" and nothing more can be done. Most are "rescued" by our consulting services, but at a cost factor that could have been eliminated had proper planning and advice taken place.

Don't let that happen with your own larger retirement funds or those you will inherit some day. And, learn why real estate, again, is the perfect fit for inherited retirement money, especially if the financial storm clouds come closer and hang over us for decades.

Why Use M.D. Exclusively?

M.D. AndersonAs a professional Arizona Realtor who understands investor mentality more than most others in my state, I will first ask you suitability questions. If you don't answer them correctly, you will be dismissed for my assistance on any of these concepts profiled on this information website.

For those who "pass" suitability, just know that I can take your instructions and understand them without you having to repeat anything. A potential real estate "portfolio", or an individual purchase of real estate will be prepared and presented to you at absolutely no cost or obligation on your part.

But to proceed, you will need to hire me exclusively as your Realtor. After engaging my investor services, I will directly and personally assist you in finding and preparing offers for you on the real estate properties that best meet your specifications given me, if we are searching here in Arizona for you. 

If you are seeking professional real estate advisory outside of Arizona, I can also help co-ordinate referrals in non--Arizona properties you may want to buy, (like a million dollar farm in Iowa where I come from). Don't be shy to tell me what you want and where it is located and how much you want to spend.

If I have your investor interest, please give me the professional courtesy to read some of my own "general" testimonials from my financial planning clients.  It will give you incite on what other clients think of my services.  (Note that some of my largest client advisory cases are with clients that hire me over the internet and I have never met them personally!) 

M.D.'s Financial Planning Client Testimonials

A Nice Client Note

Relocation needs?  I'm the one to call FIRST to make sure you have a new home ready to move into while making sure your old home is listed and sold properly, especially since you will be somewhere else.

No matter what your real estate needs, desires, or dreams are, why not share them with me?  And if you like my concepts and want to execute one or more of the concepts you just read about, I'm ready to go to work for you.

The value of just having access to me in the future can be a valuable asset and could save you a fortune if for no other reason - educating you so you don't make any more financial mistakes. 

Too busy to fly in to meet and talkThe guidelines on escrow accounts provide FDIC insurance on funds in escrow accounts and title companies here in Arizona have many systems to protect your funds from fraud and other loss, while waiting for your purchased property closing date/s.

Once property is found and earnest money is delivered to title, Arizona closings can be done quickly, especially if no financing is involved. I have title companies that can streamline the process and close in as little as 10 days or less in some cases!

If you have any questions, please call me direct at:


so I can explain in greater detail how the concepts work that you may have interest in. I will then send you required disclosures and other real estate brokerage firm information immediately by mail or email as you specify to me.

Since I get hired all around the U.S. for financial consulting cases and in some foreign countries, I ask for you to try my services and become my next new client. I am ready to assist you as your trusted advisor to sell your main home, roll over your IRA into a self directed account, begin to find properties for you to purchase rental properties, harvest tax loss's sitting around doing nothing, or assist in helping you buy real estate with investment portfolio money you have decided to "Re-Cast" for the coming storm. 

In an unknown future, just know you can trust in my personal promise as your professional Realtor to guide and assist you with "Tax Smart" real estate consulting and sales.  And finally, know that I will not just meet but I will exceed your expectations in any task you give me.  It's the only way I roll for the past 40+ years! 


MD Anderson


PS: Register on my real estate site and search Arizona property immediately. 

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Disclaimer: First, real estate brokerage firm, Realty One Group, (hereafter known as "ROG"), makes no representations whatsoever to claim any of these concepts will work as outlined. They are not the sponsor of this or other linked websites of Financial Strategies, Inc.  And, they do not provide tax or legal advice in any capacity to anybody. 

Additional Disclosure: This site is solely the works, creations, promotions and intellectual property of Michael D. Anderson, President and CEO of Financial Strategies, Inc. (hereafter stated as "FSI"), a long term Arizona corporation.  Any client of FSI resulting from registration and forward work thereafter is between the client newly established and FSI for resulting advisory or consulting work. Additional real estate services may be provided by Michael D. Anderson or his associates serving as your Realtor, but only upon receipt of a signed written disclosure given to you that acknowledges you understand the separation of services between these two firms. (ROG and FSI provide distinct separate services -Michael D. Anderson sells real estate for ROG and every thing else is a service provided by his own firm, FSI.

FSI further discloses that it obtains retainer payments for consulting work and for certain retained clients, and may also give specific tax advice upon employment. However, nothing on this site or any of it's sub pages is meant or should be construed as tax advice as all the concepts and commentary is meant to be general information for "advertising" purposes only.  Nothing stated herein should be relied upon without specific follow-up consulting with qualified tax or legal advisors. Sharing the information with your advisors is encouraged if you desire to "cash in" the tax free gain amount on your personal residence/s.

For the most part, site information and content pertains mainly to Arizona residents, or for those planning on moving "to" or "from" Arizona. Or buying Arizona property as a non-resident. For everyone else, the concepts and content should only be viewed as general information that may or may not apply to you until reviewing the applicable law in the state you reside in. All visitors are encouraged to register for additional general content that is made available. FSI is building a national real estate "referral" service to assist Realtors in your own home decisions no matter where you live. Therefore, FSI encourages letting owner and CEO Michael D. Anderson make your referral to a Realtor in your area that can also assist you with "tax smart" real estate decisions.

For legal reasons, the information contained on this site though deemed reliable and accurate, is solely the opinion and statements of Michael D. Anderson, AZCLDP and Realtor® who is profiled on this site. Action should not be taken based on this information until such time your specific situation and circumstances can be reviewed and analyzed by competent and qualified real estate professionals or other professional financial advisors.  If you need tax or legal advice, you should seek competent tax or legal advisors and not rely on any site content for that purpose.   


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